Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Another Finish--What?!

Look at me go! I finished another piece from last year's Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge. Apparently all I need to to is concentrate--and stitch! I think I stitched this on the recommended fabric, but I'm not sure. I know I used the called for fibers.
Shabby chic, just like the lighthouses I've visited in Maine. It's hard to keep up the paint job in all that weather!

I'm sure I've told you a million times that the dude's grandfather was a lighthouse keeper off the north coast of Scotland. His grandmother had and his mother has such wonderful tales of living on the land while his grandfather was in the lighthouse. (Here's a picture that will give you some perspective, even if it was taken in France.)
And the sea, all tranquil and orderly. (Ha!) Love this and adore my new rotation!

Monday, February 08, 2016

Hawaiian Santa

I finished Hawaiian Santa on Saturday morning!
 When I went to put him in the finishing pile I realized he'd have some company joining him on the tree this year. How did I lose track of these guys? They just need hangers, backing, and a couple of beards.

And when I was rooting around in the nearly-finished Santa bag, I found another one I'd started. This is Southern Cross Santa. Apparently it's very easy for me to lose track of things because I don't have the beads for this anymore either. (Don't worry, I'm sure I have something somewhere.) Not sure if I should slot him into Hawaiian Santa's spot or finish the ones I started last year first. No worries. I have two months to decide.

Friday, February 05, 2016

To Send or Not to Send

About a month ago, I read about textile artist Amy Meissner on Jen Funk Weber's blog. Go ahead, read about her work. I'll wait. (For those of you who have no time for interesting articles about textile artists, Amy recycles abandoned needlework, incorporating it into new, remarkable pieces.)

When I read about it, I immediately thought, "Frickin' Chicken." For those of you who haven't been introduced to Majestic Rooster it was published in Cross Stitch and Country Crafts in 19 dickety two. I chose to stitch it for my mother because it matched her dining room exactly. Before I was even close to finishing, my mother upped and redecorated her dining room. And then a few years after that, she moved out of the house all together.  

I started stitching in the middle and jumped around a lot, and in jumping screwed up. There is just a tiny bit of stitching left to do on this, but there is no way of knowing where I am on the pattern. I've tried to pick it up in the past but there's just no finding your way to making an x. I decided to send it in. I found it and went to iron it a little. 

That was the first time I really looked at it in a long time. I saw how little I had left to do*, and how amazing that green tail is. And I started to have second thoughts...On the one hand, yes I did all that work. On the other hand, this piece wouldn't really have a spot in my house, or my mother's, or even in the house she used to have. But then, it's thisclose to being complete. But it's a giant headache to stitch. If I let it go, it will go to good purpose. It will be rescued. I guess this is how my cousin feels when a foster dog goes to its new family.

And in thinking about this one, I've started to reconsider Watercolor Geraniums too.

What would you do?

*Even less than in this picture.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Waldorff, Homespun Samplers, DMC
Waldorff hasn't received the attention he was probably expecting during this rotation, but that's what happens when you land on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday--especially when your Wednesday evening is taken up with a trip to hear Colson Whitehead. One of the best things about living so close to so many colleges is that there are any number of free events to choose from--readings, plays, dance recitals, and concerts. The dude and I went to see what he had to say for himself.

That's my excuse for a lack of progress on Waldorff. His daffodils got bigger. On the other hand, my daffodils are the saddest little things ever. The mild December led them to pop out so early, and they were nearly blooming when the blizzard came. Now the stems have lost all integrity and the yellow buds are sunk into the mud.

Monday, February 01, 2016

February Goals

Credit: Death to the Stock Photo, Floral 2
Hello, February!

I feel like I had great success with my new rotation. I saw measurable progress on each of ten projects, finishing two this month. (That's a rate about twice as productive as I was last year!) I don't think I'll be able to complete one of my larger projects each month, but I like the sound of measurable progress! So, I'm going to keep at it.

Feb 1-3 Waldorff
Feb 4-6 Hawaiian Santa
Feb 7-9 Lighthouse
Feb 10-12 Our Souls
Feb 13-15 Greenland Santa
Feb 16-18 The Thread that Binds
Feb 19-21 Winter Row
Feb 22-24 Small #2
Feb 25-27 Mary's Stocking
Feb 28-29 Tis the Season.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Blackbird's Tis the Season

So many bloggers seem to be marveling at the fact we have reached the end of January. This can only mean one thing...we're all equally old! (As we age, our perception of time changes. "The days are long and the years are short.") 

My final round of this month's rotation ended with Blackbird's Tis the Season. The last time I showed this to you seems to have been when I started it in January 2014. You can see that I have made great progress on the bird. The second photo shows that I have made it almost to the rightmost edge as well. Not bad--and there's still time to stitch on it!

I am stitching this for one of my father's sisters. She requested a piece she could take out every Christmas, and she told me to take my time. Which you should pretty much never do because I will! At least I know it will be appreciated!

Friday, January 29, 2016

SAL Report: Santa Knew

My first small of the year--staying on track for 12 new ones in 2016! This is from Lizzie*Kate's Tiny Tidings XIX, stitched on the called-for fabric with the called-for colors. I did change the words from "Santa Knows" though because I've always thought of Santa as being the spirit of giving rather than someone who is all about surveillance.

This is for Sugar Rea and sometime this year, I'll be stitching the snowman from this booklet for Special K. In fact, when I chose this one, I went a little overboard and ordered Jim Shore's Snowy Owl Snowman and Best Friend Santa and Amy Bruecken's Ta-da Santa and Ta-da Snowman. I had already pulled L*K's Sled Dudes, so I have enough planned to stitch until the girls reach kindergarten. I'm not excited or anything!

This post is linked to Heather's Smalls SAL. You can get more information there or if you click the graphic in the sidebar. You can join at any time.